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Along with the high-tech, high-speed Internet informalization era of the 21st century, office automation, computerization and high-tech trends in various industries are rapidly proceeding. In this situation, commercial buildings as well as residential building are rapidly evolving into new intelligent environments that internalize the independent vitality and high technology of advanced information communication networks. To meet these rapidly changing times, extend the shelf life of existing buildings and create a more comfortable and efficient work environment, Kwangnam GSK developed the Total Solution for Access Floor System. This is the result of the efforts of all executives and employees of Kwangnam GSK to satisfy the more diversified and upgraded needs of customers based on the fame of being Korea’s best large die casting mold and squeeze casting company with a 30-year history and high-tech transportation device ground material technology and quality management know-how obtained from exclusive supply of the escalator step and moving walk business unit of Otis Elevator, the world’s best elevator company.


  • 01 Korea’s best large die casting mold and high pressure die casting company with sales of 100   billion KRW in 2030
  • 02 Korea’s best aluminum access floor system company, loved by all
  • 03 2020+ Absolute completion of project!


  • • Various industrial die casting molds such as automobile, electric/electronic, heavy industry, and machine components
  • • Various industrial high pressure die casting parts such as automobile, electric/electronic, heavy industry, and machine components
  • • Manufacturing aluminum access floors for semiconductor and display clean rooms, and data centers
  • • Interiors for special work facilities such as meeting rooms, multimedia rooms, computer rooms, sound boxes, communication rooms and libraries
  • • Construction of semiconductor and display clean rooms, and heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • • Export/import of used die casting machines(cold chamber).• Golf Club(Driver,Wood,Iron,Putter)

Main Products


Key Features

  • A. The LOViiPUTT golf putter have proper putting functions.
  • B. The function of LOViiPUTT golf putter is scientific and ergonomic.
  • C. The function of LOViiPUTT golf putter consider the exterior of the ball.
  • D. The LOViiPUTT golf putter has a function in a way as to prevent

How to use

LOViiPUTT is an innovative new putter that induces accurate set-up and aiming, enables a straight stroke to the target line, and minimizes putting errors.


Company Introduction

Kwangnam GSK Co., Ltd., a company which has continuously developed based on the mold business so far, has expanded its business into molds, plastic injection & extrusion, aluminum die casting & high pressure casting. Our company is contributing to Korea’s economic development by supplying excellent components to overall industries such as the semiconductor & display clean room, intelligent building & smart office floor materials, automotive parts, electronic parts, escalator & moving-walk parts, machine components, military parts supplies, and heavy industry components based on core competence in each business area.

The best advantage of Kwangnam GSK is its own all-in-one system that enables production from mold manufacturing to mass production of various industrial parts at one time. This system also saves costs and enhances quality management competitiveness. As one of only a few companies in Korea that retain a fully automated large die casting facility, our company will become the nation’s best large die casting company and largest manufacturer of aluminium access floor, escalator steps and moving walk pallets in the not-too-distant future.

With the aluminum access floor completed based on the company’s technical know-how accumulated over 30 years since our foundation and the world’s best die casting and squeeze casting technology obtained through exclusive supply after the acquisition of the escalator step and moving walk business unit of Otis Elevator, the world’s best elevator company, which is a subsidiary of the global company United Technologies, we can ensure the world’s best quality and provide price satisfaction to customers with ultra-light weight products.

In addition to this
We are also a manufacturer of golf putters. By developing LOViiPUTT golf putter, we have solved the problem of Hopping & Skidding Effect, which have been haunting golf for hundreds of years of golf history. 
LOViiPUTT golf putter is ergonomically and scientifically designed to enable a direct spin application onto the ball, which improves directional and distance control, and have gained a tremendous support from users.

Also, by successfully developing the golf putter and the aluminum access floor as all-new diecasting method for the first time in the world, as well as in Korea, our company has prepared a firm foundation for advancement into overseas markets beyond the domestic market with our own brand.
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  • Response Level
      less than 30%
  • Supplier Level
      More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Transaction Level
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